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A few simple rules follow

Like any bouldering venue it’s up to climbers to look after it and ensure it remains for future generations.

Climbing in such a beautiful area is quite different from training in your local gym, so let’s take care of our playground, without forgetting that is also shared with other users.

Here’s a few simple rules to follow: no chipping; no fires; avoid excessive use of chalk and brush off tick marks; no wire-brushing; leave nothing behind when you leave; no camping in the forest; don’t climb on wet sandstone; and clean your feet before you step onto a problem.

Climbing at night is not allowed!

Here’s a few more common sense reminders:

  • Park only in indicated places, respecting security access
  • Walk preferably along marked path, avoiding walking inside the forest plots when possible (particularly in the so-called Réserves Biologique Intégrales)
  • Respect and keep away from wild animals
  • Respect and avoid touching any historic or prehistoric marks (such as rock engravings) or structure
  • If you have a dog, prevent him from digging the soil
  • Leave zero waste in the forest: no paper, no plastic, peelings, excrement.

And above all, be friendly with locals, who will always appreciate a little “bonjour” even with a heavy accent!

Oh my bloc is a really good website with more information on ethics. Worth a read before you visit! –

Les Amis de la Forêt de Fontainebleau (Friends of the forest of Fontainebleau) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting the forest.



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